Welcome to another season of NCAA Division 1 (FBS) Football! Every bigwig in the sports analysis business makes their predictions of how events will unfold, therefore, it is only fitting that my first string of posts be a string of predictions on the upcoming college football season. There are three important things to know about these predictions:

  • I go through each team, game by game, week by week, home and away, taking into consideration factors such as returning players on both sides of the ball, quarterbacks, coaches, historical success, recent success, and gut instinct to pick how each team will fair in the upcoming college football season.
  • I am NOT going to go through each individual game with you. That process would be both quite boring to read and overly tedious to write. However, if you are interested to know my game-by-game results, I would be more than happy to share them with you by request.
  • I acknowledge that my predictions may not come true, and that I am not, nor will I ever be, your “Football Nostradamus.”

For a little background to those of you who are reading these for the first time, I take great joy in doing these predictions. I have been doing them every year since 2013, and I started making them public in 2016. My predictions are admittedly not perfect, but I try to be unbiased, fair, and use my knowledge of facts, stats, and historical relevance to make my predictions. Since starting with my predictions, I am usually fairly accurate with my picks for the top teams, as well as picking out the surprise teams to watch out for. I look forward to sharing my predictions with you, and hope that you find these as enjoyable as I find them!

Each of these predictions will include a closer look at teams that fall into one of the following groups:

FAVORITES: This is where the best of the best reside. Either one or two teams will qualify as a favorite. Only teams with the best chance to win a conference will be included in this section.

CONTENDERS:  Not the best, but pretty darn close. A contender has a good chance to win the conference, but might need a lucky bounce or two in their favor to accomplish this feat.

DISAPPOINTMENTS: Overrated, Over-hyped, Under-performing. A disappointment has been amongst the best in recent years, or is in line to be amongst the best in the coming season, but will fail to reach their expectations.

SLEEPERS: Under the radar and in line for a Cinderella run. A Sleeper team has low expectations coming into the season, or has under-performed in the past, but has the capability to make a surprise run towards a conference championship.


American Athletic Conference

Atlantic Coast Conference

Mountain West Conference

Pac 12 Conference

Sun Belt Conference

Conference USA


SouthEastern Conference

Big 12 Conference

Mid-American Conference

Big 10 Conference

College Football Conference Championships – Podcast

2017 NCAA College Football Playoff

Posted by TedTalkSports

I am a 34 year old aspiring sports personality originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and currently residing in West Carrollton, Ohio. I am the creator, founder, and head of content for Ted Talk Sports, a sports blog and podcast currently available at tedtalksports.com. I prefer to take an analytical and logical approach to my sports fandom, using facts, statistics, and history in forming my opinions and predictions. Outside of sports, I enjoy meteorology, travelling, all things nerdy, and studying science and history. Feel free to leave a comment at polishdutchman@gmail.com. Enjoy!


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