This week on the Ted Talk Sports Podcast, Ted discusses FC Cincinnati’s historic semifinal match in the US Open Cup Tournament against the New York Red Bulls, including highlights from Ted’s live reaction to the game. Ted also dives into the world of Fantasy Football, touches on the upcoming Mayweather/McGregor Fight, and allows the infamous Polish Dutchman to return again to add his Hot Takes.

We at Ted Talk Sports would like to apologize for the delay due to circumstances beyond our control. There is content for this episode that had to be cut and re-recorded, but rest assured, we will include the cut content in a future episode of the Podcast.

Posted by TedTalkSports

I am a 34 year old aspiring sports personality originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and currently residing in West Carrollton, Ohio. I am the creator, founder, and head of content for Ted Talk Sports, a sports blog and podcast currently available at I prefer to take an analytical and logical approach to my sports fandom, using facts, statistics, and history in forming my opinions and predictions. Outside of sports, I enjoy meteorology, travelling, all things nerdy, and studying science and history. Feel free to leave a comment at Enjoy!

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