The Night Before Baseball

by Ted Rosenberry


‘Twas the night before baseball, when at Findlay and Race

Parade floats arrived to be put into place.

The jerseys were hung by the lockers with care

For Mr. Redlegs and Rosie Red soon would be there.


The children were nestled all snug in their beds

As visions of Cracker Jacks danced in their heads.

And Ma in here Reds shirt, and I my Reds cap

Had just settled down for a quick springtime nap.


When out on the field, there arose such a clatter

I sprang from my bed to watch the first batter.

The start of the coverage, I wasn’t to miss

Turned on Fox Sports Ohio to see Thom and Chris.


The sun on the crest of the new sodded grass

Gave the promise of summer and a new rookie class.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

But the Cincinnati Reds to a glorious cheer.


With a wily old coach, so strong and concise

I knew in a moment it was Bryan Price.

More rapid than eagles his players they came

And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name.


“Now Tucker, now Scooter now Scotty and Billy!

On Adam, On Jose, Eugenio and Joey!

To the top of the order, Hit ‘em over the wall!

Now pitch away, field away, hit away all!”

As Hamilton when the pitch nears the plate

Steals second, the players would no longer wait.

So, out of the dugout the players they flew

With gloves in their hand, and the game balls too.


And then in the sunlight, I saw in the stands

The cheering of spectators, clapping their hands.

As I lifted my head hoping this game I’d like

Homer Bailey’s first pitch hit the zone for a strike.


They were dressed all in red, from their cleats to their shirts

And their clothes were all tarnished with grass stains and dirt.

A bundle of baseballs was ready for play

As the umpires gathered on that fine spring day.


The pitch, how it sped by! The next, how it sunk,

The change up moved slowly, though the curveball, it stunk.

The crack of the bat caused some ahs and some ooohs,

And the road team scored to a chorus of boos.


Marty painted the picture, describing each play,

Jeff filled in the rest, having fun all the way.

And with one last strike from Raisel, Marty said

At long last, “And this one belongs to the Reds.”


We sprung from our seats, to our team gave a yell

As they celebrated, they were overjoyed, I could tell.

So I say to you here, from now ‘til the fall,

“Happy Opening Day, it’s time to Play Ball!”

Posted by TedTalkSports

I am a 34 year old aspiring sports personality originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and currently residing in West Carrollton, Ohio. I am the creator, founder, and head of content for Ted Talk Sports, a sports blog and podcast currently available at I prefer to take an analytical and logical approach to my sports fandom, using facts, statistics, and history in forming my opinions and predictions. Outside of sports, I enjoy meteorology, travelling, all things nerdy, and studying science and history. Feel free to leave a comment at Enjoy!