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Ted Talk Sports Podcast: April 1, 2018

On a special edition of the podcast, Ted gives you something completely different. Plus breaking news, the Blue Jackets, and so much more!

Championship Saturday 2017: Judgement Day in College Football

Fourteen weeks of college football have led us to Championship Weekend. All five Power Conferences, as well as four of the five non-power conferences, will stage a championship game to determine who wins the respective leagues. […]

College Football Chaos At Its Finest

If you just look at the top three teams in college football, you might think that things are business as usual in 2017. Georgia and Alabama are undefeated, and Notre Dame has just a loss in […]

The Big 10: How Good Are They?

Having grown up in the Midwest, I have always heard stories regarding the mystique of the Big Ten Conference. Tracing its roots back to 1896, the Big Ten is the oldest collegiate athletic conference in Division […]

2017 Big 10 Football Predictions

2017 NCAA Football Predictions Guide Even though the Big 10 is coming off one its best regular season performances in quite some time, it feels as though 2016 was a disappointment for the conference following poor […]