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Army vs. Navy: A Great American Tradition

Jim Nantz can be heard every year referring to The Masters golf tournament as “a tradition unlike any other.” Respectfully, I must disagree with Jim. There is one tradition even more distinct than The Masters. The […]

Championship Saturday 2017: Judgement Day in College Football

Fourteen weeks of college football have led us to Championship Weekend. All five Power Conferences, as well as four of the five non-power conferences, will stage a championship game to determine who wins the respective leagues. […]

College Football Chaos At Its Finest

If you just look at the top three teams in college football, you might think that things are business as usual in 2017. Georgia and Alabama are undefeated, and Notre Dame has just a loss in […]

2017 NCAA College Football Playoff

2017 NCAA Football Predictions Guide We have reached the end of our journey. We have gone through ten conferences, a group of four independent schools, and now here we are at the College Football Playoff. It […]

The Ted Talk Sports Podcast: August 6, 2017

Today, on the inaugural Ted Talk Sports Podcast, Ted reveals all of his college football conference championship predictions, including a dramatic twist to finish the season in one of the strongest conferences.

2017 Big 10 Football Predictions

2017 NCAA Football Predictions Guide Even though the Big 10 is coming off one its best regular season performances in quite some time, it feels as though 2016 was a disappointment for the conference following poor […]

2017 MAC Football Predictions

2017 NCAA Football Predictions Guide The Mid-American Conference is home for crazy Tuesday night football games in November, where defense is ignored in favor of high scoring and high drama. In 2016, the MAC gained national […]

2017 Big 12 Football Predictions

2017 NCAA Football Predictions Guide In the Great Plains, you will discover the Big 12 Conference. While they are considered a relatively new conference compared to the other power conferences, the 21-year-old Big 12 can trace […]

2017 SEC Football Predictions

2017 NCAA Football Predictions Guide No conference has been more successful over the last 20 years than the Southeastern Conference. The success seen by the SEC on the national stage has been incomparable, with the champion […]

2017 NCAA Independent Football Predictions

2017 NCAA Football Predictions Guide These four schools may not have a conference title to play for at the end of the season, but that does not mean there is no purpose in playing the game […]